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Green Solution Services

Auditor (Freelancer)

What I believe that every position offers the challenges such my experience of different Multi-National Companies like worked for SGS Pakistan Pvt. Ltd., in the field of Product Inspections as Quality Auditor, served for different brands in Pakistan.

Also worked in a Buying house Matrix Sourcing around 13 years, as a CRC (Corporate Responsible of Compliance Manager), and had conducted a various Consumer Product Audits, HSE, Labour, and Security Audit, and this experience has prepared me to handle such tasks on professional basis. Also have conducted factory evaluations for different buyers in Pakistan i.e., Nike, Umbro, US Polo, Jordache Ltd, Marks & Spencer. Independently stationed in local city based to watch Brands/Buyers for both interest in terms of Quality and Compliance. Product Inspections for different Foreign Buyers/Brands i.e., “Nike, Wilson, Carrefour, Decathlon, Rhinox Inc., USA, Auchan, Siplec etc.,” according to the Acceptance Quality Level (AQL).

Participated in a survey conducted for stitching centres at Sialkot to learn about labor conditions and wage structure for workers working under Soccer stitching model. Attended many Trainings arranged by “Nike, SGS, WRAP, LCCI and SUMMERA” in Pakistan.

Currently working as Management Consultant and Freelance Auditor (representative) to meet the requirements for our clients, speciality of expertise are Social Compliance, Factory Evaluations, Product Inspections, etc., Providing Freelance services as GM Operations in a local organisation, (Leather and Apparel/Denim Garments Industry).


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