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Hena Jamshed

Co-founder and CEO - Global Sustainability UK

With over 19 years’ experience in the Public and Private sector in UK and abroad; I have worked in a variety of settings; Pharmaceuticals, Medical Devices companies, Textile, and Healthcare services sector. My speciality area is Social Accountability, Ethical Code of Conduct, CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility), Due Diligence, LSAS (Labour standards Assurance System), Modern Slavery, PSCI (Pharmaceutical Social Compliance Initiative) and achieving other Regulatory social compliance. I can deliver expertise in; Business Planning and strategy, Audit and reviews, Training, Gap analysis, Supply chain Management, Training and Capacity building. My portfolio of work related to Social and Ethical standards, include many sectors for example textile, plastic, stainless steel, pharmaceuticals and medical devices brands and buyers in UK.


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