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About Me

Amna Yamin

As social sustainability and impact consultant, I have been working with international development organisations and CSR departments of fashion brands to improve social standards in the supply chain. My expertise lies in worker-manager dialogue, human rights due diligence processes and SME development. 

Sustainability Agents SUSA GmbH  (Berlin, Germany)

Senior Consultant CSR & Capacity Building


  • Evaluated the field data for SEWS project – a street theatre project in Pakistan (CSR initiative of Soorty Enterprises) aimed at improving gender disparity denim industry.
  • Managed project on behalf of Amfori for Metro AG’s, social sustainability in supply chan. This included designing webinars on ‘human rights due diligence’ and training local trainers to deliver trainings for Metro employees in Myanmar, Croatia, Ukraine and Hong Kong.
  • Provided consultancy on disaster risk management for industrial parks in Ethiopia. I also created trainer guidelines for guiding industrial parks in creating their individual disaster management strategies.
  • Provided consultancy to 4 Georgian SMEs (as part of SME Development and DCFTA in Georgia) to implement the Amfori BSCI code of conduct in their factories, and develop linkages with European buyers by organising ‘Outbound Trade Mission to Germany’.
  • Successfully acquired multiple projects through networking and grant applications from a wide range of organisations such as the European Commission, DFID, GIZ.

Trainer and Consultant


  • Successfully coordinated GIZ’s dialogue programme in Cambodia i.e Dialogue for Change & Dialogue for Health &Safety. I also created training content on worker-manager dialogue, intercultural communication, gender inclusion, grivience mechanism, OHS issues and productivity. Trainers were recruited, and coached to deliver trainings. I monitored the implementation of these dialogue trainings in 20+ factories in collaboration with mostly Chinese factory management and the CSR departments of brands as Decathlon, C&A, H&M, Zalando etc.
  • Supported in research for creation of GIZ’s framework for design for their programme on ‘Social and Labour Standards in the Textile and Garment Sector in Asia’. My focus was to research on home-based female workers in Pakistan’s textile sector.
  • Provided support in comparative analysis on legislative policies for garment workers in Thailand, Georgia, and China.
  • Provided support in developing curriculum on trainings for garment and footwear factories in Bangladesh on topics ranging from zero tolerance to child care establishment in factories.


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