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  • Freelance CSR Auditor and Trainer
  • Eurofins CPT and AQM, The Reassurance Network
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Arshad Ali

Social-Ethical-Environmental Compliance Auditor (CSR & Sustainability Professional)

Arshad Ali is a sustainability activist, trainer and qualified CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) auditor. He completed his bachelor’s degree in Commerce and joined the textile/apparel industry to promote human recourse and sustainability in 2003. He has played an integral part in helping a number of organisations to strengthen overall quality and ethical compliance management. He is a freelance trainer approved by the Department of Civil Defense in the Sindh region of Pakistan. He has provided extensive fire safety training to a number of organizations. He is also inspected a third party product inspection from AQM (Asia Quality Management) which includes knits garment, Denim, Home textile and terry towel. During his auditing career, Arshad has conducted over 50+ mandays for ICS, SEDEX ETI, and some international buyer Code of Conduct audits.


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