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  • Freelance CSR Auditor and Trainer
  • Eurofins CPT and AQM, The Reassurance Network
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CTPAT or Security Audit
Product Inspection
Technical Audit
Environment Audit
Social Compliance Audit
Having auditing experience of Legal Management Systems, Ethical & Technical Compliance Evaluation Standards of major foreign retailers and Labour Laws.
I am responsible for conducting Ethical, Environmental, Quality, Technical & Security Audits.
I have successfully completed 50+ Social Audits, 15+ Quality System Assessments, 04+ Security Assessments, 05+ Environmental Management Systems audits and prepared reports for the same.
During work as freelance Auditor I carried out audits in following categories of export oriented factories such as manufacturing units of Garments, Home Textiles, Bedding Products, Towels, Socks, Bags, Leather Jackets, Gloves and Sportswear.

About Me

Arshad Ali

Social-Ethical-Environmental Compliance Auditor (CSR & Sustainability Professional)

Arshad Ali is a sustainability activist, trainer and qualified CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) auditor. He completed his bachelor’s degree in Commerce and joined the textile/apparel industry to promote human recourse and sustainability in 2003. He has played an integral part in helping a number of organisations to strengthen overall quality and ethical compliance management. He is a freelance trainer approved by the Department of Civil Defense in the Sindh region of Pakistan. He has provided extensive fire safety training to a number of organizations. He is also inspected a third party product inspection from AQM (Asia Quality Management) which includes knits garment, Denim, Home textile and terry towel. During his auditing career, Arshad has conducted over 50+ mandays for ICS, SEDEX ETI, and some international buyer Code of Conduct audits.


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