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Paul Callum


Paul is the managing Director of Resilient World Solutions Ltd (RWS) and has an impressive team of associate consultants comprising of ex chief Police Officers and Senior Corporate Leaders, supported by a highly skilled teams of ex Police Detectives, Compliance Officers and Technical staff  who can deliver the tactical plans and investigations to support your risk management strategies.

RWS are thrilled to have recently agreed a collaboration with RSM in support of the risk management software tool and delivery of the niche services to support the tool.

He has written and delivered modern slavery investigation training courses for the GLAA and Derby University and developed a “beyond compliance” consultancy service utilising the home office organised crime strategy called the 4 P’s, Prevent, Protect, Prepare and Pursue.

Paul has delivered workshops on change management, leadership and financial planning alongside hosting facilitated workshops to develop the governance framework at a music events company and to create their corporate social responsibility programme to raise awareness of and prevent sexual harassment at music events.

With consultants experienced in corporate social responsibility, Paul has developed a responsible sourcing and continuous improvement programme for a large  public sector organisation and is a trained social accountability auditor, having conducted audits, investigations and workforce interviews in many factories and businesses, helping organisations to identify and mitigate their risk from business human rights.

Utilising critical incident skills and the Resilient Decision Model, Paul has conducted critical incident reviews for corporates in respect of key organisational decisions, like for example the response to coronavirus, assisting in the development of continuity plans and is an active member of the East Midlands Chamber of Commerce coronavirus risk advisory group.


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