Dr. Iffat Zafar Aga

Co-Founder Sehat Kahani

With extensive experience in the field of E-Health and Telehealth, Dr. Zafar is one of  very few pioneers  bringing telemedicine to Pakistan.  As a Co-Fouonder of Sehat Kahani they have facilitated over 350,000 consultations through tele-medicine, and have impacted more than 1.5 million patients through a portfolio of 30 E-Health clinics pan Pakistan, a Mobile App, health education projects and a network of 1500 doctors.

Dr Iffat Aga have capability to create, implement and scale innovative solutions, especially Health Tech solutions in Marginalized communities of Pakistan which I have been able to prove through a successful track record of Sehat Kahani. Core traits such as Program planning and execution of Telemedicine, E- Health, M- health, Tele-health, primary care, preventive health, Geriatric Care and other genres of health. She has Monitored extensive Health indicators in the engaged programs for example an extensive quantitative study on calcium levels in 2000 women in low income communities, A qualitative study on the early child marriages in Pakistan and their effects on the health of the women and another quantitative study on prevalence of Hepatitis B & C in waiters of 10 restaurants).

She has Strong capabilities to actively engage with leading National as well as International Organizations in developing innovative social impact solutions for the impoverished including FMCG’s, Corporates, Pharmaceuticals, Investment Agencies, Global Donor Organizations. She has received the Best in Healthcare Award at GIST Tech I 2015 at United Nations Head Quarters Nairobi for doctHERs. She got selected through MITBAP for the Entrepreneurship Development Programme at MIT, and also got selected to attend the APRING Accelerator 2016. The SPRING CEO also nominated doctHERS for the UNICEF Global Goals Award. She has also worked in a USAID Ambassador Fund Grant for 6 months. Her has been featured in a documentary by France24 as well as i2i.

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