Why Sustainability Is Important in Business

The concept of green living and consumption has become increasingly popular throughout the world, particularly in developed countries, and is rapidly expanding to middle-income and higher-income developing countries. The conscious purchase and use of ecologically-friendly products that do not impair human health or threaten the natural ecosystem are referred to as green consumerism. It stems from a desire to safeguard resources for future generations while also enhancing people’s quality of life.  According to a 2019 consumption trends survey, the majority of consumers are prepared to spend a 10% premium on food packaged with environmentally-friendly materials. In fact, COVID-19 has prompted consumers to pay more attention to their health and the environment and to actively seek out products that are socially responsible, as well as collaborate with partners who offer long-term sustainable business solutions. Green and environmentally-friendly products are prioritised as a key criterion for high-quality products and services as part of green consumerism.

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